Thursday, October 14, 2010


I will shamelessly profess my love for the chain restaurant Chipotle. Nowadays, being gluten-free is easier than ever - but the remaining obstacle for us careful eaters is convenience. It's nice to know that wherever I go in New York City, there is probably a Chipotle lurking nearby, ready to offer me an inexpensive and filling bowl of delicious.

The secret some of you might not know about the crispy taco entree is that you can order three tacos, two tacos, or just one taco. This is not listed on their menu. This is confidential information which you are receiving here, at Eating (nearly) Everything. If you are not starving, two tacos are plenty... and at the Chipotle in Brooklyn (where the prices are slightly lower than in Manhattan,) two vegetarian tacos - (guacamole included) - cost $4.37.

[I am 99% sure that is exactly how much they cost. I lost the receipt. But the point is: they are barely more than $2/each which is a STEAL, my friends. A STEAL.]

Chipotle, Fashion Avenue

Too bad the Brooklyn Chipotle doesn't have this snazzy outdoor decor.

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