Monday, January 3, 2011

Friedman's Lunch

This year I planned my holiday shopping around where I wanted to EAT LUNCH. Since I work in Brooklyn now, I rarely make it into Manhattan anymore and I miss my favorite gluten-free lunch places!

A great place to shop (especially when there is a below-zero windchill) is the Chelsea Market. It is indoors (point 1) and has great shops (point 2) great coffee, sushi from a fish market (always good to pinpoint the source of raw fish) and a totally overwhelming kitchen supply store (Bowery Kitchen Supply). And of course, Friedman's Lunch, which will make you any sandwich on gluten-free bread or bun. YES, Virginia, that is a gluten-free sesame bun.

A hamburger is wildly necessary when making important shopping decisions. And a glass of wine. And some herb-tossed thick-cut french fries. One must build up their resistance before the epic competitive eating of the holidays!

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