Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Stew


Atomic Stew!

Please tell me you've heard this insane song.

There is a WONDERFUL juice bar in my neighborhood - Veggies Natural Juice Bar. It's a tiny little hole-in-the-wall with an inspiring poster of Bob Marley "Just can't live that negative way..." and some awesome selections in the flavor-combination department. Last time I went, I co-invented a peanut butter-banana-strawberry smoothie with the server. It was delicious and kind of like a sandwich milkshake. With almond milk.

Today I tried "THE STEW," which is spinach, ginger, banana, soymilk and honey (I asked for no vanilla - there were no ingredients listed on the bottle. One never knows.)

Nothing better than a nice early-morning jaunt in the park followed by an ICY BRIGHT GREEN SPICE BLAST. Highly, highly recommended - next time you're in Crown Heights - or at your own blender!

(1 banana, two fistfuls of baby spinach, and a golf ball sized chunk of peeled ginger. Ice, splash soy milk, drizzle honey. Go. Believe me.)

Men who may or may not be reading here: they have a special menu for "GROWN MEN." One smoothie is called "stand upright" and has something called tiger bone in it.

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