Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rice: Near and Far

Well, folks. I'm off to India (!) for the week but I wanted to leave you with some bread sticks and risotto. Yes, that's right: bread sticks. Just down the street from my office is a beautiful temple of gluten-free Italian dining called Risotteria.

A well known travel destination for celiacs world-wide, they offer a variety of pizza, panini and, obviously, risotto. And bread sticks. And they deliver. And I will arrive in India with the belly of a Buddha. Good.

Not only can you chew away on these crunchy delights on-site or by delivery, you can order the mix online and if you have a mother who knows how to do complicated things, like, bake, then you can bring this mix home for Thanksgiving and let her do the hard work.

The risotto is excellent, for what I know about these things. What I know about these things is that when someone serves me a bowl of hot slop, I am impressed when it does not lose the flavor of the first bite - it never becomes boring.

They offer a host of flavor combinations; cheese, parsley, mushrooms, veggies, calamari. Some are even dairy-free.

Here we have the spinach and sausage combination,
in the deceivingly large to-go container.

Next time: mango lassi, dosa, idli, uttapam, and some other things I don't quite know what they are yet - but will eat with gusto!

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